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5 Effective Ways to Avoid Getting Coronavirus

Coronavirus has attacked thousands of people in various countries and claimed hundreds of lives. In order not to get infected by this infectious disease, there are several ways you can prevent transmission of the Coronavirus. The cause of this outbreak is a new type of Coronavirus called the 2019 coronavirus novel  (2019-nCoV). This disease is the same as the […]

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Herd Immunity, How To Anticipate The Spread Of Coronavirus

Amid the outbreak of Coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the term herd immunity emerged, which he said could help suppress the spread of this virus. What is herd immunity, and how effective is it to prevent transmission? Not only in Indonesia, but Coronavirus infection also occurs in almost all countries. Each country has taken various measures to reduce the rapid transmission of the Coronavirus, […]

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Causes of watery eyes and how to overcome them

When blinking, the glands in the eyelid will produce a little tear to moisturize your sense of sight and get rid of foreign objects from it. The production of tears becomes more when you yawn, laugh out loud, or cry. But, some people may experience watery eyes continuously. In addition to liquids that contain salt […]

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How to Prevent Eye Tired Due to Working at a Computer

Office workers are often required to work in front of a computer screen or gadget for a long time. This can cause disturbed eye health, partly because of tired eyes. Problems that arise in the eye due to the use of computers or gadgets are known as computer vision syndrome (CVS). This condition refers to a series of symptoms of tired eyes […]

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Know the Types of Pneumonia

Several types of pneumonia can be distinguished based on the causative microorganism and the place of infection. Pneumonia itself is a lung infection disease that can cause air sacs in the lungs to be filled with fluid or pus. The lungs consist of many small air sacs called alveoli. When pneumonia occurs, where certain microorganisms infect the lungs, […]

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Protect Your Baby from CoronaVirus

Coronavirus so far does look more likely to attack adults. However, several cases of Coronavirus infection in infants have also been found. Therefore, preventive measures need to be taken to reduce the risk of Coronavirus transmission in infants. The virus, which was first detected in Wuhan, China, is thought to be transmitted by animals, but […]

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