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9 Ways to Normalize Your Blood Pressure - Positive

9 Ways to Normalize Your Blood Pressure

A person is said to have high blood pressure or hypertension if the blood pressure level reaches 130/90 mmHg or more. To avoid various complications, how to reduce high blood pressure needs to be done immediately.

If your blood pressure continues to be at a high rate, the risk of heart diseasestroke, kidney disease, eye damage, and even a decline in cognitive function can target you. 

9 Ways to Normalize Your Blood Pressure
9 Ways to Normalize Your Blood Pressure

The goal of efforts to reduce hypertension

Efforts to overcome the condition of hypertension are more directed at how to reduce high blood pressure through lifestyle changes because diet and activity can significantly affect your blood pressure.

Also, lifestyle changes have been proven to be as effective as the use of drugs to reduce high blood pressure. What is the reason?

Lifestyle modification does not cause side effects, as does the use of drugs. Therefore, this method is the first choice to overcome hypertension.

Changes in lifestyle needed are not large-scale. The main thing required is your willingness and commitment to live it.

An effective way to reduce high blood pressure

Here are some simple changes that you can work to reduce the high blood pressure that you experience:

  1. Lose weight

When you gain weight, your blood pressure often increases too. Especially if you are overweight to cause sleep snoring to sleep apnea (breathing stops for a moment), this condition can make blood pressure rise again. 

For people who are overweight, reducing weight can be a very effective way to reduce high blood pressure. Successfully losing just 1 kg of body weight can lower blood pressure by one mmHg. 

  2. Reducing the size of the waist circumference

In addition to overall body weight, you also have to maintain waist circumference to remain ideal. Fat accumulation in the stomach is one of the risk factors for hypertension.

Therefore, try to measure waist circumference does not exceed 90 cm for Asian men and 80 cm for Asian women.

  3. Exercise regularly

For people with hypertension, training for at least 30 minutes every day can reduce blood pressure by 5 to 8 mmHg. Training also must be done periodically. The reason is, when you stop exercising, your blood pressure will rise again. 

Types of use that can be applied as a way to reduce high blood pressure include walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling. Also, combine these types of sports with weight training or other strength training twice per week. 

  4. Implement a healthy and balanced diet

A healthy diet is a daily diet consisting mostly of vegetables, fruits, whole grains ( whole grains ), and low-fat dairy products. Through a balanced diet, patients with high blood pressure can experience a decrease in blood pressure of up to 11 mmHg. 

  5. Reducing salt consumption

Limiting salt consumption is very important when you are on a hypertension diet. Daily salt consumption should be no more than 2,300 mg. But please limit it only to 15.00 mg per day.

Reducing salt intake in the daily menu, including practical ways to reduce high blood pressure. This step can even reduce high blood pressure by up to 5 mmHg. 

You can also look at salt intake by carefully reading the nutritional content label on the packaging when buying food products, not eating processed foods, and avoiding adding salt to food offerings.

If the dish tastes bland to your tongue, you might be able to work around this by adding spices to make it more delicious. 

  6. Stop smoking

Each cigarette you smoke will increase blood pressure for several minutes after you have finished smoking. For people with hypertension, stopping smoking will be very helpful as a way to reduce high blood pressure while controlling blood pressure. 

Not only blood pressure but not smoking will also make your body healthy overall.

  7. Reducing caffeine consumption

Indeed there is still debate about the effects of caffeine on blood pressure. For people who are not accustomed to drinking coffee, consuming caffeinated coffee can indeed increase blood pressure. But for regular coffee drinkers, caffeine may have little effect on blood pressure. 

But because there is still a possibility that caffeine has an impact on blood pressure, hypertension sufferers are also usually asked to reduce their consumption of caffeine as a way to reduce high blood pressure.

Not only coffee, but caffeine can also be contained in tea and soft drinks. So, examine the composition on the packaging.

  8. Limiting alcohol consumption

Alcohol has good and bad effects on health. Consumption of alcohol in small amounts can have an impact on reducing blood pressure up to 4 mmHg. This meant little here is the consumption of about 150 ml of wine ( wine ) or 350 ml of beer per day.

But excessive alcohol consumption will only increase blood pressure. So make sure you limit it carefully.

  9. Controlling stress

Prolonged stress might have an impact on high blood pressure. Reactions to stress also affect the increase in blood pressure. For example, in people who face stress by drinking excessive alcohol, smoking a lot, and snacking on unhealthy foods. 

In order not to get caught up in these bad habits, try to take the time to detect the source of your stress so that it can be overcome quickly and accurately.

You can also pamper yourself to reduce the stress level that plagues your mind. For example, vacationing, doing a hobby, or just chatting with friends and family.

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If stress is very stressful and affects your life, you can also consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist. With this, you will get professional help to deal with stress.

If the way to reduce high blood pressure through lifestyle modification is still not active, giving your doctor a blood pressure-lowering medication may be needed. Consult with your doctor to find a type of high blood medicine that suits your hypertension condition.

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