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Know the Types of Pneumonia

Several types of pneumonia can be distinguished based on the causative microorganism and the place of infection. Pneumonia itself is a lung infection disease that can cause air sacs in the lungs to be filled with fluid or pus. The lungs consist of many small air sacs called alveoli. When pneumonia occurs, where certain microorganisms infect the lungs, […]

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9 Ways to Normalize Your Blood Pressure

A person is said to have high blood pressure or hypertension if the blood pressure level reaches 130/90 mmHg or more. To avoid various complications, how to reduce high blood pressure needs to be done immediately. If your blood pressure continues to be at a high rate, the risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, eye damage, and even […]

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A Safe Choice of Facial Soap for Sensitive Skin

The use of soap for sensitive skin is recommended for people whose skin is easily irritated or painful. If you carelessly choose a facial cleanser, vulnerable skin owners are prone to experiencing problems on the surface of the face, such as itching, burning, dry and scaly, even acne. The term sensitive skin refers to skin conditions that […]

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The Ideal Way to Lose Weight

The ideal way to lose weight requires commitment, discipline, and proper planning. Although not easy, perfect body weight is not just a dream. You can do a variety of ways to lose weight so that your weight becomes healthy and ideal. Weight depends on the intake of calories and how many calories are used by body activity. […]

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